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2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM

2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM
2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM

2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM

New in the box Sport Bar Off Road Lamp Kit. OEM GM part number 84139218. For use on Colorado's with Fog Lights (T3U). Comes with all hardware to install. You will need to have the BCM reprogrammed if its a 2016, 2017 and up models is plug and play.

Off Road Lamp Attachment Kit Installation. Harness assembly P/N 89045191 replaces the factory installed front CHMSL in the engine compartment when the vehicle gets off-road lights on top of the sports bar. It provides CHMSL function as well as providing power and control to the off-road driving lights. Attach the frame rail harness (1) to the 3-way connector (2) on the inboard side of the UEC and route rearward and downward below the brake booster, secure where applicable.

The ground eyelet will route forward and the two loose terminals will route rearward. Remove the left front tire and wheel house splash shield to access the ground location. Refer to Vehicle Service Manual.

Route harness (1) with ground eyelet downward to the left front wheel house area. The ground eyelet will attach to the ground (4) just forward of the left front wheel. Remove the existing ground bolt (2), stack the new eyelet (3) and replace the ground bolt, tighten the bolt to 9 ± 1.5 N. The relay mounts to the left inner fender, just rearward of the UEC. The Canyon/Colorado relay (1) will clip to a possible available clipping hole. The long single wires will route through the dash panel grommet to reach the BCM and headlamp switch.

Remove the paper tape and remove the loose wires. They will be needed in the instrument panel area later. Cut a small hole in the small nipple along the side or top of the Canyon/Colorado (2) dash panel grommet. With the assistance of a fishing tool insert the two Canyon/Colorado (1) wires through the grommet and into the vehicles interior. After the wire installation is complete, the grommet nipple must be sealed with a product simlar to RTV or Liquid Tape.

Remove the instrument panel knee bolster bolts (1). Upon reassembly tighten the bolts to 2.5 N. Disconnect the hood release lever. Using a flat bladed plastic trim tool, release the 7 retainers securing the knee bolster to the instrument panel assembly.

There is a 50mm (2) length difference between the two wires coming in from the engine compartment. (2) of the two wires routes to the headlamp switch connector X1 (1), cavity 9.

Goes to the BCM X5-5. The small terminals to the BCM and headlamp switch may be different between the 2016 Canyon/Colorado, and the 2017 Canyon/Colorado.

(yellow and blue wires) The accessory harness was built to cover the most common and eventually all applications. On an 2016 Canyon/Colorado, if the terminal on the accessory harness, does not fit into the connectors, there was an attached orange wire and also white wires with the proper Colorado/Canyon terminals. More about that in upcoming steps. Colorado/Canyon will require the use of the terminals from the Orange wires for the connection to the headlamp switch and terminals from the White wires for the BCM.

Cut off the terminal from the longer Yellow wire and replace it with the terminal from the Orange wire, or later Red wire. Wires with tape flags always route to the BCM. If a terminal doesnt fit a Colorado/Canyon connector, try a different terminal from a loose wire. You can leave the terminal inserted and using the included sealed crimp splices, splice in a replacement terminated lead. Note: The top BCM connector is X1, natural and the bottom BCM connector is X7, gray.

View of Colorado/Canyon BCM Layout. (2) of the two wires routes to the BCM (3) connector X5 (1) cavity 5. Cut off the terminal on the shorter yellow wire and replace it with the terminal from the white wire. Use the included crimp splices and properly crimp and heat shrink the splice. Headlamp switch connector view (wire end).

The loose taped-up blue wire runs between the. Headlamp switch and the BCM. There are some terminal differences between the Silverado/Sierra and the Colorado/Canyon. In the short term a similar wire needs to be created for the Colorado/Canyon using the blue wire, one of the white wires and half of the orange wire. Construct a replacement for the Silverado/Sierra blue wire using the Colorado/Canyon terminals of the approximate same length.

A running change will introduce a single taped-up grey wire that will run between the Colorado/Canyon. With no need for terminal swapping. The wire end with a colored tape flag goes to the BCM.

Properly crimp and heat shrink the connection, using the included splice crimps. The newly constructed wire with the terminal and White wire connects to the headlamp switch, connector X1, cavity 6. Using the appropriate tool gently press tabs to remove the factory installed headlamp switch (1) from the instrument panel knee bolster and replace with the accessory headlamp switch with sport bar light functions. Back inside the engine compartment, battery power is needed. Canyon/Colorado will use the M5 eyelet to connect the battery with a much shorter wire length.

Route the takeout (1) around behind and outboard of the UEC and battery. You will be attaching the M5 eyelet (2) to one of the M5 studs on top of the battery. Select the stud that has none or only one eyelet or the thinnest gauge wire present. Estimate the length of wire that you will need to reach the battery stud and cut off the excess.

You should be able to cut off about half the length of the takeout. The M5 eyelet and fuse holder has a crimp splice already attached. Following normal service procedures, strip the proper length from the feed circuit, crimp the crimp splice from the fuse holder and heat shrink to seal the joint.

Make sure there is a fuse in the M5 fuse holder. Remove the top plate from the Sport Bar with a T30 bit. There may be thread locker on the bolt threads, so they will be difficult to remove.

While on a bench or tailgate, loosely install the brackets to the lamps with the feet angled outboard. The 7/16 bolt will rest in a slot in the side of the lamp, followed by a black plastic spacer with the alignment tab nested in the slot in the side of the lamp. This would be followed by the mounting bracket, flat washer and lock nut. Slide the pre-assembled brackets off the lamps and install them to the top plate with the brackets angled forward, although it doesnt really matter which direction they angle.

Use the four black torx fastener to attach the lamp brackets. The large wiring pass through holes will be rearward of the lamps. After the brackets are snugged up to the top plate, add the lamps to the brackets. New brackets are being developed that will could raise the lamps about 25 mm and level the lamps as the sport bar curves around the vehicle cab. The taller bracket mounts on the outboard side. Tighten the lock nut with a 7/16 or 11 mm socket to 6 Nm. Tighten the lamp mounting bracket to top plate to 9 ± 1.5 Nm. The wiring connector may be hanging outside the sport bar holes near the top corner. If it is not, then it is inside the sport bar.

Remove the CHMSL from the rear of the sport bar and pull the wiring take outs out through the CHMSL mounting hole. Remove the mating connectors that are used as a sealing plug. The lamp take out that is combined with the CHMSL routes to the right side, while the lone lamp takeout routes to the left. With the assistance of a fishing wire, pull the lamp connectors through the sport bar and out through the holes in the top corners of the sport bar.

There are 5 rubber hole liners intended to protect the wiring as it passes through the sport bar and top plate. Install the two hole liners over the wiring and into the sport bar holes. Place the top plate and lamps on top of the sport bar. Run the wires through the top plate and install two more hole liners in the top plate, protecting the wiring.

There is one spare hole liner should one get lost or damaged during installation. If not used, you could leave it with the customer for possible future needs. Plug the wiring into the back of the lamps.

Reinstall the top plate and torque all the fasteners to 9 ± 1.5 Nm. The Colorado / Canyon BCM Calibration will already be stored in the BCM for 2017 giving you a plug and play system. The 2016 Canyon/Colorado may need the calibration downloaded.

You will need the Serial Number and Authorization Code Numbers from the kit to authorize the download. The Off-Road Driving Lights will work only with the ignition in the ON position and headlights in the ON position. The Off-Road Driving Lights are turned on with a 2 second push of the button on the lower left of the Headlamp switch. They will also turn off with a 2 second button push. On the next ignition cycle the lights will be off and will have to be turned on again.

There are Operator Instructions included with the Lamp Kit, on the opposite side of the one page instruction sheet included with the accessory kit. They should be left with the owner and also encouraged to be kept with the Owners Manual. After the lights are working, go back and tie strap all the wiring into position. From the inside of vehicle, apply a small amount of RTV type sealant, (GM Part Number 12378521, or equivalent), (with a narrow applicator tip), into the recess of the Service Nipple, ensuring that the sealant is applied around the wire, inside the nipple.

Apply a small piece of tape to prevent the RTV from oozing out of the nipple. Park the vehicle 15m (50 feet) from a wall.

Measure the height of the center of the Off-Road Lights from the ground. Make a mark on the wall 175 mm (7 inches) below the center of the lights. Turn on the Off-Road Lights without the headlamps or front fog lamps. Cover one of the Off-road Lights with a shop towel. Using the side mounts and a 7/16 socket or 11mm socket, pivot the light so that it points to the mark below the center of the light.

Tighten the side mounts to 6 Nm. Swap the shop towel cover from one light to the other. Align the other light for height.

There is no side to side adjustment. Be aware of vehicle height. Remove the covers before turning on the lamps. Some states, including California, require covers to be on the lights when traveling On-Road. It requires a 2 second button push to turn the lights on or off.

The Off-Road Lights are strictly for off-road use. It is illegal in some states to use them on the road. Do not look into the illuminated lights. Do not shine the lights into anyone elses face. Include the alignment procedure for future corrections.

The Lamp, Cover and Mounting Kit is serviceable as an assembly through GM Service. The Cover, Headlamp Switch, Wiring and Relay are all serviceable individually through GM Service. The customers input originates with pushing the head lamp switch button for 3 seconds. That sends a ground signal to the BCM. The BCM sends a 12 volt signal back to the H/L switch telltale to let the customer know the lights are on.

The BCM also sends a 12 volt signal to the relay coil to activate the relay and activate the lamps. The other relay coil circuit has a hard ground. The relay contacts are fed by a battery feed and output to the lamps.

If there are lamp functional issues, use a volt or ohm meter and check the relay circuits. The yellow wire from the BCM will have 12V when the lamps should be on. The black wire is a hard ground. The red wire will have 12V at all times. The brown wire is the output to the lamps and will have 12V when the other three wires have proper signals.

To perform a manual lamp check, disconnect the relay and apply 12 V to the brown wire at the relay connector. The item "2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM" is in sale since Thursday, May 19, 2016.

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  • Superseded Part Number: 23415421
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 84139218
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear
  • Brand: General Motors
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Mounting Hardware Included: Yes
  • Attachment Method: Bolts

2016-2019 Chevrolet Colorado Sport Bar Mounted Off Road Lamp Kit 84139218 OEM GM